Park Homes

What are park homes?

Park homes are trailers that are transportable, but are designed for long term or permanent placement.  It is a more comfortable option than your typical RV with its tall ceilings and house like features.  They are attractively designed and quality built with all the comforts of home.

How big are they?

Lots of planning has gone into the layouts to make the small living space possible.  No bigger than 400 square feet, park homes are perfect as cottages, vacation getaways, retirement housing, rentals, starter homes, mother-in-law homes, or just as simple living!

Benefits of a Park Home

Low Maintenance

Less square feet means less to maintain!

Easy Way to Downsize

You will need a lot less stuff with only 399 square feet to fill, giving you a lot less stuff to take care of.  

Takes Up Minimal Space

Convenient living that doesn't require much room to exist.


You choose the layout, style, and design to get the park home that works best for you.

Great for Vacation House

A great getaway you won't spend forever maintaining, or have utilities drain you, and yet, you're still comfortable!

Retirement Living

A great plan for those planning to be on a fixed income.  Let your dollar go further living with less space.

Start Planning your park home